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GTA Vice City – An All-time Classic

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GTA Vice City - An All-time Classic

GTA Vice City – An All-time Classic

The world of video gaming is a strange one, where many players come and go, but rarely does it happen that a game is introduced, and it has such an impact on the people and players, that it starts setting trends – not only in the video gaming world but in fashion and lifestyle as well.

One such name that pops in our head when we mix fashion, style, and video games is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The game set a trend of parachute pants, pastel-colored sports coat, big hair, and other such other trends. But mostly, Grand Theft Auto, since its inception has made a huge impact in all our lives, and, due to this reason remains a classic.

Since the GTA franchise became a huge hit with millions all over the world, there was a lot of hype and expectation around Vice City. So, the big question here is that did Vice City hold up to the expectations or did it disappoint? Well, the answer is a little bit complicated.

If we consider the technical aspect, then we have to confess that we expected a bit more and that the previous versions were better. However, Vice City has been curated especially keeping the users and players in mind, and unnecessary complications have been removed, in order to make the game much more user – friendly for mobile users.

GTA Vice City - An All-time Classic 3

So, having spoken about the previous versions, what were the pros and cons of Vice City as well as the older GTAs, it is now time to discuss what made Grand Theft Auto: Vice City an instant hit.

Well, the whole credit for that goes to the story! The storyline in Vice City is much more streamlined and gripping. Here, Tommy Vercetti, who is the mafia guy, has been recently released from prison. Upon the release, he gets assigned to a criminal turf.

Thus, what players need to do is build a whole criminal empire. They must do everything in order to do so – no matter how risky or dirty it might get. Players are required to get in drug deals, kill people, engage in battles if the need arises, steal vehicles, etc. In this version, you also get a lot of upgrades.

For example, you will find a vast collection of cars and weapons, which were not available earlier. Moreover, you also need to earn cash. You can do this simply by making your kills. You kill and cause more destruction, and you get more money.

GTA Vice City - An All-time Classic 4

The message here is clear– in order to win the game, you have to be the bad guy. However, this was not as bad as there were many players in the market with a more serious storyline. Compared to those, all GTA did was encourage people to make more number of kills, so that the players could earn cash and invest their money.

With this being the central plot, GTA is still enjoyed by all!

4.2/5 - (92 bình chọn)

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