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Locating The Safe Houses In Fortnite

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Locating The Safe Houses In Fortnite

Locating The Safe Houses In Fortnite

Fortnite never ceases to amaze the players. Epic keeps on revamping the game and new mods and maps are added periodically. The fun lies in discovering many hidden places and assets in the game. In Season 2 Week 2 challenges of chapter 2, the players have to find Shadow safe houses. As it is, you need to locate any one of the 5 such safe houses to continue. The Shadow safe houses in Fortnite are spread in various areas of the island. To access these safe houses, you may have to get inside the toilets.

The 5 safe houses in Fortnite

Locating The Safe Houses In Fortnite 3

Before you set out to find the safe houses in Fortnite it is better that you learn the basics. Three of them are over the ground but two others are located underground. Listed below are the 5 safe houses:

Locating The Safe Houses In Fortnite 4

  • Alpha – You can find the entrance to an Alpha safe house on the east side in Pleasant Park. All you have to do is hiding in its al fresco bathroom. You will reach the first hideout. If you can’t find it look for the gas station and find the south-facing wall with Shadow poster.
  • Beta – Beta or the 2nd safe house is located to the eastern section Frenzy Farm. It is near the river. Walk past the river and you will find a building with an outhouse. This will be on the small complex’s western side. Overlook the toilet on the outside. You have to locate the bathroom portal instead.
  • Charlie – There is a safe house in Fortnite located to the eastern side of Craggy Cliffs. It may look like a worn-out radio station. Look out for the large tower. At this safe house, there is no need to get into a toilet- thankfully! You have to get inside a trash bin. The building is located on a hilltop with a telescope atop. The bin in question is located at the building’s southeast section. It is partly hidden by some rocks though.
  • Delta – This safe house is situated on Misty Meadows, lake north. A large white-hued house it is. The nice thing is here you do not have to get into any bins here. All you need to do is using a pickaxe on the rooftop and get inside the house.
  • Echo – It is located near the Holly Hedges. Look for a red-colored house with a radar tower atop. You will see some Shadow Henchmen inside. You have to shoot them and then reach the basement.
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