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General rules dream99
Like many other card games, Sam Loc card game also uses a deck of 52 cards as a means of deciding wins and losses between players present on the table. In addition, the deck of cards in Sam Loc also does not use 2 Joker cards. A standard Sam Loc table at the card game portal Dream99 will have from 2 to 4 players participating.

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When playing Sam Loc at Dream99, you will be able to choose from 12 different types of tables to compete with other players. Each of these Sam Loc card games will have a different table price listed by Dream99. To participate in these tables, you need to have at least 10 times the table money. Therefore, depending on the amount of money you have on hand, you can find a suitable table for yourself. List of 12 Sam Loc tables at Dream99 includes:

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The table has a payout of 100
The table has a payout of 500
The table has a payout of 1,000
The table has a payout of 2,000
The table has a payout of 5,000
The table has a payout of 10,000
The table has a payout of 20,000
The table has a payout of 50,000
The table has a payout of 100,000
The table has a payout of 200,000
The table has a payout of 500,000
The table has a payout of 1,000,000
In addition to choosing one of the 12 tables mentioned above, the Dream99 game portal also allows you to create a table with the parameters you want. In particular, the quick play feature in Dream99 will help you quickly participate in a certain table. This table will be calculated by the system to suit your budget as much as possible.

How to play Sam Loc Dream99
Sam Loc card game rules
For a game of Sam Loc to begin, all players present at the table must be ready. Then the Sam Loc card game will begin and the computer system at Dream99 will deal the cards to the players. Each player present on the table will be dealt 10 cards equally by the computer.

After the cards are dealt, the system will choose the first player in that game. Specifically, if it is a table that includes old members, the player who wins the previous hand will have the right to go first in the next hand. However, if a table consists of all new players, the first player will be designated as the table owner.

In fact, Sam Loc has the same rules as Tien Len. Accordingly, when the first player plays 1 card or 1 combination of cards, the following player must block the card with a similar but larger combination of cards. If they cannot block, that player must skip their turn and give the right to play to others present on the table. Whoever blocks the last card will become the player who starts a new turn.

Just like that, the game will continue until one player can play all 10 cards. At that time, the Sam Loc game will end and the winner will be the one who plays all 10 cards first. However, if the player gets the last 2, that player will be considered a 2 and will be penalized.

The case where the player only has one card in hand and can return. At that time, this person must inform the other players that he or she can come first. When this person reports, all other players are required to block this person's cards. If they cannot block, they must skip their turn and give the right to block to another player. However, there are no players who block cards, but in fact there are people who have cards to block. At that time, the person with the blocking card will pay money to all other players. Because Dream99 considers it a fraud.

The rules are different in Sam Loc
In this case, after receiving 10 cards, the player feels that his card is beautiful and can come first. This person will choose "Ginseng Leopard". When announcing a card, players must play in such a way that no one can block their cards. If unfortunately the dealer has his cards blocked, he will lose the game and the loss will be 20 times the table money.

If a player plays a 2, all other players on the board must pass their turn even if they have a 2 card of higher quality in their hand. This is because every 2 in the Sam Loc card has the same value.

Calculate the score of the Sam cyclone card
Sam Leopard: When the player's cards are not caught by anyone, they win 20 cards
Eat Sam: When a player reports a ginseng, someone who caught it loses 20 cards
Rotten 2: The person with rotten 2 will count 10 cards
Four of a Kind: The person who catches 2 will get 10 points
Normal win: Take the remaining cards of another player
Note: Each card is counted as 1 time the table bet

Eat white in Sam Loc
Winning: If after dealing the cards, the player can own the following set of cards, it will be considered winning the entire game:

10-card straight: The player has 10 consecutive cards in hand. In Sam Cyclone, there will be a straight starting from Ace. For example, Ace, 2, 3
Four of a Kind 2: Player has 4 2s in hand
All 10 cards of the same color: The player has in hand 10 consecutive cards of the same color
3 cards: The player owns 3 sets of cards with 3 cards of the same value in each set. For example 3, 3, 3 – 4, 4, 4 – 5, 5, 5
5 pairs: The player has in hand 5 sets of cards with 2 identical cards in each set. For example 1, 1, 1 – 2, 2, 2 – 3, 3, 3 – 4, 4, 4 – 5, 5, 5
Note: In case there are many people who can eat white, 

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The size will be considered in the following order: 10-card straight > 2nd four-of-a-kind > Same color > 3-card suit > 5 pairs.

Experience playing Sam Loc Dream99 card game
Practice playing every day with small bets

The rules of playing the card game Sam Loc at the card game portal Dream99 are actually quite simple. However, to be able to play this card game effectively, it is best to learn its rules carefully before placing a bet.

Also, start playing with small bets first to gradually get used to the game. Besides, it also helps you rub against other players while also minimizing the damage you receive when playing.

Absolutely do not report Sam when the article is not good enough

Many players often use the press to gain the right to go first. However, they mistakenly think that when it comes to panthering, just finishing first is enough. This is a fatal misunderstanding, because at the card game portal Dream99, when announcing a bet, the player must come first and not be blocked with any cards.

Therefore, once your cards are big enough, such as having many big straights, big pairs, and few odd cards, you will be published in the newspaper. On the contrary, absolutely stop because if you lose, you will be deducted 20 times your table money, which is not a small number.

You should run 2 when you have the chance

In the card Sam Loc, playing the last 2, losing when there is a 2 left will cause the player to have a huge amount of money deducted. Therefore, if from the beginning your lesson is not beautiful enough, think about running 2 right away. Don't forget to check your opponent's cards to see if they have Four of a Kind before playing.

Sam Loc is a popular card game at Dream99 card game. Hopefully through this article, I can help you understand more about the rules of the Sam Loc card game as well as ways to help you win when playing this card game. In addition, don't forget to join the Dream99 card game from today to receive attractive offers.


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