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Minecraft Earth guide for iOS and Android users

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Minecraft Earth guide for iOS and Android users

Minecraft Earth guide for iOS and Android users

It is amazing to observe how Minecraft has evolved over the years. The arcade style game which had a humble origin gradually became the reigning contender in the segment. Now, you can play it almost on every platform and device. New iterations of classic Minecraft are also out there. Apart from the much hyped educational version, you can get the hands on the augmented reality version, namely Microsoft earth. It has got mostly positive reviews and the geeks have also given it thumbs up.

Getting The Basics Clear

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Now, Minecraft earth can be downloaded and played but there are certain conditions to be fulfilled. You can play it on both Android and iOS devices now. First of all, you will need to have a valid Microsoft account for playing it. It is better if you already have Xbox Live account. Besides, downloading extra data from the servers will be necessary after you download the Minecraft earth app itself on your device.

How To Obtain The App

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The iPhone version of Minecraft Earth app is available on App Store. It can be installed and played on iPhone 6S and alter devices. On iPad 5th gen it is supported. It can be played on Wi-Fi but using cellular data is better as you will wander outdoors.

The Minecraft Earth for Android can be downloaded from Google Play. You will be able to figure out at this stage if your device is supported or not. Unless you are using a very old Android device, you will be able to play the game easily.

What The Experience Is Like?

This is something most of the veteran Minecraft players are curious about. The features of the original game are there. However, some elements are not there. You will see the furnace and crafting table not working. These are the few limitations you will have to cope with.

The AR tech

Despite the many similarities with the original PC or console version of Minecraft, MCE has its focus set on AR. However, the initial excitement can fade away after some time and you may feel somewhat tired from the activities required for building things. So, AR is like a fun addition to the main game-as you will feel.

In Minecraft, Multiplayer is definitely enjoyable and it is available in MCE too. However, the multiplayer experience is different. For this to work, you will need a lot of physical space and friends who are equipped with similar devices.

Summing It Up

MCE takes Minecraft to a new direction but it is still not on par with geo-location based games like Jurassic World Alive, Pokémon GO, and Ingress. Microsoft needs to offer more features and elements to make it stand out.

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